Franco Rossi | Wedding Photographer
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Hello! My name is Franco.


I worked for over 10 years as art director in advertising and editorials. By living this life surrounded of creativity, I was responsible for choosing the photographer for my wedding.

I wanted something different, creative, spontaneous, that would show all the joy of that important day, but nothing too artificial neither static. I wanted beautiful pictures without having to worry about posing for them the whole time.

My fiancee saw me searching in innumerable portfolios, references, until one day she said: “Love, you want to hire yourself.”

It sounded like a joke, but with a great deal of truth. It was late, I wanted someone with my experience, my vision. I was, unknowingly, my ideal wedding photographer.

I love being responsible for telling the story of a union through images.

Months, sometimes years of preparation, the nights thinking about the guest list name by name, the flowers, the menu, the perfect dress, there are so many details receiving such care that my day photographing is a great joy.

So I do not work with time limitations or quantity of photos. My goal is to tell this story as best I can. Capturing all the moments, the smiles, the tears (of joy, of course!), the energy that the guests came to pass to the newlyweds.

I like to photograph without interrupting the event, letting everything happen naturally, where the smiles are real. Performing a limited number of events per year, I can dedicate special attention to each one of them.